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    Struggling with social media? Our audit analyzes audience, content, competitors, and more to identify areas for improvement. Gain valuable data, improve content, reach your target audience, and stay ahead of the competition. Schedule yours today!

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    Is your social media strategy delivering the results you expect? At OwasLo, we offer in-depth social media audits to help you identify areas for improvement and optimize your social media presence for maximum impact. Our team of social media experts will conduct a thorough analysis of your social media profiles, providing actionable insights to:

    • Gain audience insights: Understand your current follower demographics, engagement levels, and content preferences.
    • Evaluate content performance: Analyze the effectiveness of your existing content strategy and identify top-performing posts.
    • Identify platform alignment: Assess which platforms best suit your target audience and brand voice.
    • Benchmark against competitors: Compare your performance against your competitors to gain valuable industry insights.
    • Uncover optimization opportunities: Recommend improvements to your social media profiles, content strategy, and posting schedule.

    What does the social media audit include?

    • In-depth profile analysis: We'll analyze your profiles across major social media platforms, assessing completeness, branding consistency, and overall visual appeal.
    • Audience analysis: We'll examine your follower demographics, geographic location, interests, and engagement levels.
    • Content performance evaluation: We'll analyze the performance of your past posts, including reach, engagement metrics (likes, comments, shares), and click-through rates.
    • Competitor benchmarking: We'll compare your social media presence to your competitors, identifying their strengths and weaknesses and potential areas for differentiation.
    • Actionable recommendations: We'll provide a clear roadmap outlining specific steps to improve your social media strategy, including:
      • Content optimization suggestions
      • Posting schedule recommendations
      • Community engagement strategies
      • Platform-specific optimization tips

    Who can benefit from a social media audit?

    • Businesses of all sizes looking to improve their social media performance and reach their target audience more effectively.
    • Marketing professionals seeking data-driven insights to optimize their social media strategies.
    • Social media managers wanting to identify areas for improvement and enhance their content strategy.

    Benefits of a social media audit:

    • Gain valuable data and insights: Make informed decisions about your social media strategy based on real data and audience behavior.
    • Improve content performance: Optimize your content to resonate with your audience and drive higher engagement.
    • Reach your target audience more effectively: Identify the platforms where your target audience is most active and tailor your strategy accordingly.
    • Stay ahead of the competition: Gain insights from your competitors and implement strategies to differentiate your brand.
    • Maximize your return on investment (ROI): Ensure your social media efforts are delivering measurable results and contributing to your overall marketing goals.


    • Social media audit: 88,000 LKR
    • Follow-up consultations: Negotiable based on project scope and requirements.

    Additional Information:

    • We offer follow-up consultations to discuss the audit report, answer your questions, and develop a customized social media strategy based on the findings (additional fees may apply).
    • We can tailor the audit to focus on specific platforms or aspects of your social media presence based on your needs.

    Schedule your social media audit today and take your social media presence to the next level! Contact us to discuss your specific needs and receive a personalized quote.

    Join us and make your company a better place.