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Struggling with social media? We craft data-driven strategies to boost your brand, engage your audience, and drive results. We'll tailor a plan, create content, and track success. Schedule a free consultation to learn more!

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Struggling to navigate the ever-evolving social media landscape? At OwasLo, we craft data-driven social media strategies that elevate your brand voice, captivate your audience, and drive measurable results. Our expert team will help you:

  • Define your unique social media goals and target audience.
  • Identify the optimal platforms to connect with your audience.
  • Develop a captivating content strategy aligned with your brand identity.
  • Craft high-quality content that fosters engagement and conversions.
  • Track key metrics and refine your strategy for continuous improvement.

What's included in our social media strategy package?

  • In-depth consultation: We'll delve into your business, target audience, and social media aspirations to tailor a strategy that resonates with your brand.
  • Competitive analysis: We'll analyze your competitors' social media presence, identifying strengths and opportunities to differentiate your brand.
  • Platform selection and optimization: We'll recommend the most suitable platforms for reaching your target audience and optimize your profiles for maximum impact.
  • Content calendar development: We'll collaborate with you to create a content calendar that aligns with your brand voice, audience interests, and industry trends.
  • Ongoing content creation: Our skilled team will produce high-quality content, including:
    • Engaging social media posts (text, images, and videos)
    • Informative and shareable blog articles
    • Eye-catching infographics and presentations

Additional Services (Optional):

  • Community management: We can manage your social media interactions, fostering meaningful connections with your audience.
  • Social media advertising: We can develop and manage targeted social media ad campaigns to expand your reach and achieve specific goals.

Benefits of a custom social media strategy:

  • Boost brand awareness and reach: Expand your audience and establish a strong online presence.
  • Drive engagement and build communities: Foster meaningful connections with your target audience and build a loyal following.
  • Generate leads and conversions: Attract qualified leads and convert followers into customers.
  • Gain valuable data and insights: Track key metrics to measure the success of your strategy and make data-driven adjustments for continuous improvement.
  • Save time and resources: Focus on what you do best while we handle your social media strategy.


  • 6-month social media strategy: 120,000 LKR
  • 12-month social media strategy: 216,000 LKR

Additional Information:

  • Our strategies are scalable and can be tailored to your specific budget and needs.
  • We provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the engagement.
  • We offer regular reports to ensure transparency and track the progress of your social media efforts.

Ready to unlock the power of social media? Schedule a free consultation today to discuss your goals and learn how we can help you achieve them.

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