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    Want to dominate YouTube? Our video production service helps you create high-quality videos that grow your channel. We handle everything, from concept development and scripting to professional filming and editing. We'll even optimize your videos for YouTube search to maximize reach. Let's collaborate to create YouTube videos that grab viewers and achieve your marketing goals. Schedule a free consultation today!

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    Cultivate a thriving YouTube presence with professional video production services from OwasLo. We offer a comprehensive solution, from crafting engaging concepts to video optimization for the YouTube algorithm, to help you create high-quality videos that capture viewers, grow your channel, and achieve your marketing goals.

    Our YouTube Video Production Services Include:

    • Pre-Production Planning:
      • Channel Audit & Audience Analysis: We'll analyze your existing channel (if applicable) and target audience to understand their preferences and tailor video concepts accordingly.
      • Concept Development & Scriptwriting: We'll collaborate with you to develop creative video ideas that resonate with your audience and align with your marketing objectives.
      • Scriptwriting (optional): Our skilled writers can craft a compelling script that guides your video and keeps viewers engaged (additional fees may apply).
      • Storyboarding (optional): Visualize your video with detailed storyboards that define the overall flow and key scenes (additional fees may apply).
    • Production:
      • Professional Videography: Our experienced videographers will capture high-quality footage using advanced equipment and lighting techniques.
      • Location Scouting (optional): We can assist you in finding the perfect setting that complements your video concept (additional fees may apply).
      • Actor Casting (optional): Hire talented actors to enhance your video's production value (additional fees may apply).
    • Post-Production:
      • Expert Video Editing: Our skilled editors will transform your raw footage into a polished and engaging YouTube video, incorporating:
        • Cutting and trimming for optimal pacing
        • Color correction and grading for a professional look
        • Motion graphics and animation to enhance storytelling
        • Music and sound design to create an immersive experience
        • Engaging intros, outros, and calls to action
        • Closed captions and subtitles for wider accessibility
    • YouTube Optimization:
      • SEO-friendly Titles, Descriptions, and Tags: We'll craft compelling titles, descriptions, and tags optimized with relevant keywords to improve your video's searchability on YouTube.
      • Eye-Catching Thumbnails: Create high-quality thumbnails that grab viewers' attention in search results and browsing feeds.
      • End Screen & Cards Integration: Utilize YouTube cards and end screens to promote other relevant videos on your channel and keep viewers engaged.


    Our YouTube video production services start at 50,000 LKR and can increase up to ​120,000 LKR depending on several factors, including:

    • Video length (longer videos typically require more production time and editing)
    • Production complexity (shooting on location, using actors, etc.)
    • Post-production requirements (motion graphics, special effects, animation)
    • YouTube optimization strategy (competitor analysis, in-depth keyword research)​

    Schedule a free consultation today to discuss your YouTube channel goals and video ideas.

    Join us and make your company a better place.